A Natural Coice


A Natural Choice is a natural therapies practice owned and operated by Karyn South, a fully qualified and accredited Naturopath. Karyn uses, effective natural therapies, specialising in , colon therapy, nutrition, naturopathy, herbal medicine, Iridology and Bowen Therapy.

Karyn takes the time to listen - and to think outside the square to resolve health problems. I love to get results, so let me show you how to choose vitality the natural way, with intelligent advice, practical support and a treatment plan designed just for you.

A Natural Choice is a modern complementary medicine and natural health clinic in Beckenham on the corner of Colombo Street and Tennyson Street.  Karyn has the knowledge, experience and empathy to get to the heart of your problem or wellbeing goal offering you practical strategies to work with. At the same time supporting other treatments you are undertaking.

Naturopathy is compatible with orthodox medicine, as well as all forms of alternative healing. Orthodox medicine is excellent for acute situations and life-saving surgery. Naturopathy deals with the chronic problems that orthodox medicine often cannot cure (and sometimes cannot even name).

A simple example of how the two systems of medicine work together would be a fracture. A doctor can set the bone and give you pain killers and perhaps antibiotics. As a naturopath, I would provide you with nutrients to rebuild the bone, clear the inflammation, and re-establish healthy bowel flora, which may have been affected by the drugs. By using both types of medicine, you recover faster, and the result is better overall health than before the injury.

So whether you're looking for professional help in preventative medicine – a Wellness programme, trying to cope with the stresses of modern life, or trying to find some answers to get well from a chronic illness, I can help.