A Natural Coice

About Karyn

Karyn is passionate about helping people lead happier and healthier lives. Fully trained in naturopathy, nutrition, colon therapy, iridology, Bowen Therapy and Intuitive Counselling.

Karyn is dedicated to integrating scientific evidence with traditional knowledge and a holistic understanding. Her analytical approach seeks to identify all aspects from the underlying imbalance to the best strategy for each individual case; this is the art of putting it all together.

As a naturopath, Karyn believes that there are two aspects to the important task of maintaining and restoring your health. Firstly, it is important to adhere to natural laws... having a good diet and getting enough sleep and adequate exercise is a start. Fulfilling social relationships are also vitally important to health.  They foster a sense of purpose and belonging: this is the "spiritual" side of health, which for some extends into the religious; but for our purposes let us just say that we need a sense of meaning in our lives, whatever the source. Stress management is important. For some this will simply be a hobby; there are however more powerful forms of relaxation such as meditation or yoga, whose techniques have evolved over thousands of years.

Karyn has a special interest in stress related disorders, and imbalances of the digestive and nervous system. Karyn a mother of three, grandmother of seven, loves working with people of all ages, (the elderly to babies and children), drawing on her own treatment experience with her large family and many other children in the clinic.